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Technology Transfer Group to License DNA Steganography Patent
from the Mount Sinai School of Medicine

June 17, 2002 - DNA is the key information molecule in living system, since it carries the code that uniquely identifies humans or other types of organisms. Drs. Bancroft and Clelland of Mount Sinai have developed a technology, called DNA Lock™, that uses DNA biomolecules for secure marking of valuables or other documents. With DNA Lock™, a DNA authentication code is hidden so completely in an enormous assortment of other DNA molecules, that discovery and decoding by counterfeiters of the authentication DNA is virtually impossible. However, an authorized person, knowing the secret DNA keys that "unlock" the code, can readily read the authentication information. The concealed DNA code can either be incorporated into a marking ink or other liquids, or attached to valuables or documents.

The patent is applicable to many security areas: anti-theft, anti-counterfeiting, entry control, and product authentication. TTG will handle all commercial applications of this breakthrough technology world-wide, and expects to license manufacturers and systems developers for use in each of these various markets.

Mount Sinai School of Medicine: Located in Manhattan, Mount Sinai School of Medicine is internationally recognized for ground-breaking clinical and basic-science research, and innovative approaches to medical education. One indication of Mount Sinai's leadership in scientific investigation is its receipt during FY00 of $168 million in public and private research funding, including over $112 million in NIH grants, placing it 22nd among the nation's 125 medical schools. Mount Sinai School of Medicine is also known for unique educational programs that not only prepare students to be highly skilled care givers, but help them to reach their maximum potential as caring, well-rounded people. Long dedicated to serving its community, the School extends its boundaries to improve health care delivery, educational opportunities and quality of life for residents of East Harlem and surrounding communities.

Technology Transfer Group, a division of Polestar Ltd., was founded in 1995 by Wendell Smith and has been active in licensing security technologies in international markets.

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