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Digital Hologram Application with "Image by Image" Number Or Bar Code Identification

June 7, 2004 - Impress Systems announces the Security Printing application of their digital printing desktop machine, the Force 10™. This news and the patent they have received on digital hologram transfer capability is remarkable and we now anticipate the on site (point of use) hologram with personalized "image by image" identification. 

Changing the Shape of Security Holograms
Force I0™    On-Demand Digital Foil Printer

NORTH BILLERICA, MA ImPress Systems, Inc. announced today that it is offering its Force 10™ specialty printer to the security printing market. This innovative, digital system has been sold since June 2002 for use in product decorating applications.

The system replaces traditional printing processes currently used to decorate leather, vinyl, plastic, and paper items. Configured as a compact, desktop printer, Force 10 significantly reduces the direct and indirect costs of printing by eliminating costly set-up time, as well as the dies, screens, cliches, inks, and solvents used in traditional printing methods. The system is cost effective for long, short, and personalized runs and applies any computer-generated text and graphics instantly. Versatile, quiet, and environmentally friendly, Force 10 is safe, easy-to-use, and produces sharp, durable impressions on-demand.

ImPress Systems was granted a United States patent for an Optical Security Image Printing System using its digital foil technology. Worldwide patents for the technology are pending. In security printing applications the technology allows for "one of a kind" holographic imprints to be determined and produced at the time of printing. By replacing the conventional hot stamp die with a digital print head, Force 10 offers a broad range of capabilities to produce a unique foil "lay down" using standard Windows applications. Some examples of the possibilities include personalization, serialization, bar coding, and pattern change. The system is capable of both positive and negative (drop out) image printing within the same impression.

About ImPress Systems

ImPress Systems designs, manufactures and markets digital specialty printing equipment and consumables. These systems replace traditional hot stamping, silk screening, pad printing presses, and engraving processes and eliminate the need for printing tools: dies, typesetting, screens, clichés, and plates.

This innovative product line provides specialty printers in the advertising specialty, on demand printing, packaging, and security markets with digital systems and consumables that are environmentally friendly, easy-to-use, and cost effective.


Rita Mascari
VP Marketing & Sales
ImPress Systems, Inc.

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