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Technology Transfer Group To Manage
Largest Holography Technology Transfer Ever Contracted

August 9, 1996 - Technology Transfer Group (TTG), a wholly owned Division of Polestar Ltd. of Flatts Bermuda, recently was awarded project management responsibilities for an holography technology transfer to Shandong, China. The customer is Norinco for one of its factories in Shandong. The scope and breadth of the customer requirements for this technology transfer will result in the largest technology transfer ever undertaken in the holography field and when completed will rank with the largest holography production facilities in the world.

This production facility will involve all phases of holography production from origination to finished product. TTG worked side by side with Segue Group Inc., of Los Angeles California, in helping them become the winning prime contractor in this hotly contested bidding competition.

TTG was successful in assembling a team of the world's most skilled and highly regarded manufacturers/suppliers to the holography industry in helping to win this contract. These companies included General Vacuum, Foilmark, Alpha Machine and Light Impressions International. The outstanding reputations of these suppliers as well as the overall depth of knowledge and grasp of proprietary technologies of TTG and the manufacturer team helped to clinch this huge win.

Mr. Fred Black was the front-line manager for TTG throughout this process and will continue to be the main person responsible for seeing this installation through to completion.

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