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TTG Named BIO*GATE Reseller

September 25, 2006 - TTG has been named a licensed reseller of Bio*gate tm Biometric Gateway for integration and management of security programs from Janus Associates.

Bio*gate 'middleware' software system acts as a coordinating bridge and gateway accepting inputs from most all biometric devices, applying polices to each event. Devices may be fingerprint, iris scan, or password. They may be made by different manufacturers. Biogate identifies each party and each access event for access to programs, files, networks, rooms, buildings, or any secure area.

Biometric devices are growing in sophistication and growing in popularity. Now you can mix and match the device for one application with other devices and password systems into a comprehensive overall enterprise wide system. the languages used in the device are often unique to that device and manufacturer. Biogate brings the various devices together and processes them in standard terms; using the most popular standards required by the host network system.

the enterprise may use various biometric and non biometric inputs to control access to both physical spaces and computer systems. With Biogate all such systems can be brought through one gateway.

A very important result of this approach is the ability to centrally control the profiles and access rights to each individual in the organization.

Changes to access rights can be made instantly without changing the individual credentials or documents or passwords.

Biogate stands between each individual's entry into each System. His/or her access credentials are controlled from central source whether to the door to research labs or access to personnel files or financial reports.

  • BioAPI and CBEFF compliant
  • Designed to CDSA standards
  • Biometric matching between workstations and servers
  • Central management of authentication
  • Encrypted communications between workstations and servers
  • Open architecture. Scalable. Backward compatible
Put your Biometric devices to work in a Controlled central manner.

Janus Associates

Technology Transfer Group ~ a division of Polestar Ltd. established in 1994 as consultants in security matters; product development, technology licensing, international market strategy, and business planning. Original focus on security printing from holograms to DNA taggants. Now expanding into computer documents, identity, and access control.

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