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TTG Announces PhotoSecure Printing Technology

October 12, 2001 - Technology Transfer Group (TTG) Specializes in security printing technologies; licensing, joint ventures, and strategic alliances.

Formed in 1995 by Wendell Smith, Cliff Angers and Fred Black, as a Division of Polestar Ltd., TTG has concentrated on licensing of technologies in the security printing field.

Holograms were, and still are, a key item in security printing; we managed several hologram projects in the first 3 years. Now, TTG has also found that many other new technologies are finding their way into this fast growing sector of the document security and product authentication field.

Today TTG represents 6 suppliers of technology. We have also worked with many other suppliers on an ad hoc basis to bring together the right combination of hardware and technology for the project at hand.

TTG's completed technology projects include two hologram origination and embossing licenses in Indonesia and one very large integrated hologram production system in China; reportedly the largest hologram technology "deal" ever. This project includes vacuum metalization equipment, hologram origination equipment, and hologram embossing and transfer equipment.

Today TTG offers the technologies of several well known companies;

  • Light Impressions Ltd.
  • Globe Ticket and Label
  • Graphic Arts Technical Foundation
  • PhotoSecure Inc.
  • Verify First Technology
  • NovaVision Inc.

In addition, we have working relationships with several machinery and supply companies such as Vits America, Total Register Inc., General Vacuum, Foilmark, and others so that the special machines needed for production of security printing can be assembled for the custom-made systems requirements.


  • Security printing is one of the fastest growing specialty fields
  • Information technology is a surprising reason for some of this growth


  • Computer generated holograms
  • On press embossing
  • No copy inks


  • Secure Documents: KOPOUT TM


  • Multiple Signature Fluorescent Dyes

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