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Barcode Technology (BTI) Signs on as Channel Partner

October 13, 2005 - New York - DNA Technologies, a division of CrossOff Incorporated (TSX:OFF), announced today that it had signed on New York-based Barcode Technology (BTI) to it's Channel Partner program. BTI is the premier developer of bar code software and information management solutions with hundreds of thousands of companies worldwide deploying it's leading-edge bar coding technologies.

Under the terms of the agreement, BTI will resell patented DNA security markers as part of an integrated end-to-end "track & trace" anti-counterfeiting and product authentication platform for the life sciences, hospital, retail, insurance, consumer branded goods and ID/ security document industry segments. The security markers will incorporate unique photoluminescent materials provided by PhotoSecure, for field verification.

Product counterfeiting and diversion continues to grow at a steady pace worldwide, and is estimated to represent 5-8% of world trade according to PIRA International – a significant loss of revenues for legitimate manufacturers and licensors, as well as government agencies. Numerous industries are targeted, including pharmaceuticals, luxury goods, consumer apparel, fashion accessories, sporting goods, collectibles, software and media.

"We have sought a leading collaborator in the bar code space for some time to help commercialize one of our covert labeling patents," said Mike Hayes, President of DNA Technologies. "In addition to their considerable expertise in this field, BTI provides exposure to a number of large manufacturers and distributors around the world that currently utilize BTI's bar coding, in-line printing, and track and trace capabilities for deployment throughout their many product packaging applications."

"Global supply chain management systems must be secured in today's world and the forensic reliability of DNA's unique product offering combined with our bar coding and chain of custody expertise can make supply chain visibility a reality," said Joseph LaManna, Chief Sales Officer of BTI. "This most recent advancement in product identification and verification promises significant benefits to today's companies looking to deploy a track and trace, anti-counterfeiting, and product authentication platform that takes advantage of proven bar code technologies yet, at the same time, creates a cost-effective bridge to future RFID applications."

About DNA Technologies
DNA Technologies is a new breed of security company with a revolutionary DNA-based tracking technology designed to combat counterfeiting, piracy and product diversion. DNA Technologies is a recognized leader in providing security marking and unequaled protection for valuable products, brands and intellectual property using security taggants. DNA's parent company, CrossOff Incorporated was established in 1963 and is publicly traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX:OFF). More information is available on their website

PhotoSecure has patented its technology for photoluminescent materials used in the form of inks, dyes and films that can be applied to practically any tangible surface using traditional printing methods. PhotoSecure's detection technology is simple, requiring only light, portable detectors that are inexpensive to manufacture and can provide tailor-made, application specific detectors having data communications, storage and management capability.

About BTI
BTI is a leading information management solutions and bar code technology company. Using patented and patent pending software technology, BTI provides IT consulting, bar code products and system integration solutions to a wide spectrum of industries, with a primary focus on pharmaceuticals, health and hospital systems, retail packaging, financial and insurance services, homeland security, and government or corporate security/ID cards. BTI has four domestic offices in the U.S. and a significant international presence in China and Southeast Asia. More information is available on the company's website at

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