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Inkjet Technology Comes of Age with DNA Technologies Product

October 21, 2004 - Inkjet technology is a growing force in the commercial printing world today. Higher quality reproduction, short run flexibility and customization are factors making inkjet technology attractive to all forms of business, including industrial printing and packaging providers.

With the integration of advanced security features, inkjet has a new market in which to compete anti-counterfeiting and brand protection. Many industries that employ variable data printing (pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, food, industrial manufacturers, packagers and labeling) are now able to easily integrate advanced security features into existing processes.

New, Multi-Level Security Taggants Now Available for Inkjet

After six months of comprehensive development and testing, DNA Technologies' covert security tags are now available for variable data print applications using commercial HP Inkjet technology.

DNA taggants represent the ultimate marker for security purposes. The highly specific and detailed analysis required for forensic proof of identity is well accepted and represents a significant obstacle and deterrent for potential counterfeiters. The other component, instant and reliable field detection, is provided with PhotoSecure's SmartDYE™, patented technology for photoluminescent materials.

A combined DNA/ SmartDYE product has the ability to offer unlimited numbers of unique taggants, with a very high degree of security and reliability, providing a multi-level authentication system that is virtually impossible to be broken or duplicated by counterfeiters. DNA Technologies and PhotoSecure offer access to their 11 patents on product authentication labeling, including two on barcode/ security mark integration.

By integrating product authentication features into existing inkjet technology, we will provide protection against counterfeiting and product diversion - a level of security that will allow customers to recover revenues and market share, track distribution on an ongoing basis to control product piracy, preserve the integrity of their products in the marketplace and increase consumer confidence in their brands.

Key Benefits
  • High security extraction and matching of DNA sequence code provides irrefutable proof/ positive identification

  • Simple, yet complex product authentication solution easy to use, but with inherent complexity to prevent duplication

  • Wide variety of applications can be applied to virtually any tangible surface

  • Multi-level encryption provides moving target for counterfeiters

  • Cost-effective solution low cost per mark; no major retooling or process re-design

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