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Technology Transfer Group Announces Extended Consulting Services
with Expanded Laboratory and Forensic Analysis Capabilities

Enfield, New Hampshire - July 21, 2009

Since our founding in 1994, TTG has specialized in security printing related technologies; licensing patents and technologies, representing inventors, and advising on business development. Now the company has established an independent laboratory for forensic analysis of documents, labels and even product markings. The "merger" of forensic technologies with applications to Brand Authentication is particularly interesting as the technologies for discovery of chemical, photonic and DNA evidence is now directly applicable to Brand Protection and to paper document security. The laboratory focuses on the analysis and development of technologies for the packaging and labeling of products and for the documents that are presently printed from a secure digital file, yet are fully open to counterfeiting and modification when printed.

The company works closely with PhotoSecure DNA Technologies llc, Boston Ma., DNA Technologies Halifax, Ca. and with many ink, printer, and automatic data collection reader companies. Now the company has purchased the "top of the line" Foster and Freeman model VSC 6000 spectral forensic analyzer adding one of the world's best analytical tools to its laboratory.

This equipment has been placed in a new laboratory in New Hampshire along with other laboratory equipment and expands the company's capability beyond the Boston University Photonics labs. The lab is still available through our CTO, Dr. Gil Jones a lifetime expert in Photonics as a professor and inventor. The new equipment makes it possible to quickly and accurately measure and test all types of security elements. The machine can demonstrate and measure the details of dozens of anti-counterfeiting elements. This provides for forensic analysis, testing of new print related security features, evaluation of multilayered security concepts, and support for integrators of systems involving many disciplines.

Technology Transfer Group (TTG) has 15 years of history in this very special technology space. Along with PhotoSecure and DNA Technologies and other taggant companies, and favorable relations with many companies in the ink, printer, chemistry, and optical reader field, TTG can help select test and support projects from a special ink to a full Unique Code Identifier, track and Trace, Supply Chain management system.

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