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PhotoSecure DNA Technology is New Force in Inks, Taggants

November 01, 2007 - A new taggant and ink company, PhotoSecure DNA Technologies LLC (PSD), has been created following the acquisition of PhotoSecure Inc by Technology Transfer Group (TTG), a division of Polestar Ltd. Polestar is a Bermuda-based investment and advisory firm, and TTG is its agent for the sales and marketing of international technology transfers.

The management team of the newly formed company comprises Wendell Smith, company president and previously long term consultant with TTG, and Dr. Guilford Jones from the University of Boston's Department of Photonics, an incubator operation from which PhotoSecure was spun our in 1998 to commercialise SmartDYE™ photo-luminescent-based taggants. PhotoSecure had been working with DNA Technologies, developers of the DNA Matrix™ system of taggants and readers, since 2004. The sales and marketing effort of the new company will be shared jointly with Mike Haves of DNA Technologies, which operates separately but shares cross licensing and marketing agreements with PSD,

The goal of the company is to make and supply high quality inks, taggants and readers for the industry by testing and validating both its own products and non-proprietary taggants produced and supplied by others.

At the recent Authentication Connections Forum in Minneapolis, Wendell Smith told Authentication News that he hopes to bring to the market products which are both robust and reliable, and able to be read at high speed by hand held readers tuned to read the optical characteristics of a specific taggant or ink. Recent developments include what the company terms truly covert forensic taggants, digital printing technology, and on-line and handheld code readers that verify the existence of the taggants and dyes and decode the information in the invisible marks.

The company is seeking partnerships with companies able to offer compatible products and complementary solutions in the covert security tagging business, although its primary focus will be on tried and tested technical products backed by sound sales and marketing, It hopes to add technologies and products to its port¬folio though joint ventures and mergers, with the aim of increasing company turnover seven-fold over the next three years.

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