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Technology Transfer Group President Wendell Smith to Present
Brand Protection as a part of Supply Chain Management
at IMI's 5th Annual Security Printing Conference

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Brand Protection as part of Supply Chain Management

Enfield, New Hampshire -October 20, 2008

The Information Management Institute (IMI) has invited Wendell Smith, President of Technology Transfer Group, to be a speaker at IMI's 5th Annual Security Printing Conference.

The conference, located at the Tremont Plaza Hotel in Baltimore, Maryland, USA, will be held from November 17th through 19th, 2008. The Conference is sponsored by Information Management Institute (IMI). Complete conference details can be found at

IMI's 5th Annual Security Printing Conference will address the challenges and opportunities in dealing with security issues and enabling brand protection for products and production of secure documents for a wide variety of applications including business documents, ID's, currency, gaming/event tickets, travel documents, etc. Industry experts will address digital printing technologies' capabilities and shortcomings relative to printing secure output and the technology options available to enhance the production of secure documents and devices of all types. The conference program will provide a critical assessment of forensic analysis requirements, enhanced ink and media systems, document traceability technologies, software solutions and other potential avenues to enhance product and document security.

Technology Transfer Group is an agent for sales and management of international technology transfers focusing in the security printing field. "We are pleased to have Technology Transfer Group as a presenter at this year's conference' stated Al Keene, President of IMI, 'as they are involved globally in implementing new technologies into security printing applications via technology licensing and transfer."

Technology Transfer Group's Founder and Consultant Wendell M. Smith will be addressing the following major topics:
  • Wendell SmithIntegrated Brand Protection Concept
  • Supply Chain Tracking Model
  • Enterprise Track & Trace Systems
  • Multi Level Solutions: Partnerships & Coalitions Required for Success
  • Technology Options Reviewed
  • Employing Novel Emerging Technologies: The Forensic Taggant-DNA; DNA Steganography; Unique Fluorescent Dyes; Structural Magnetics; Color Shift Inks; Thermal Transfer & Ink Jet Printing Solutions & MUCH MORE
  • Case Studies: Sydney 2000 and Vancouver 2010 & Many More
  • Vision of Future Brand Protection Solutions
About Technology Transfer Group

Formed in 1995 by Wendell Smith, Cliff Angers and Fred Black, as a Division of Polestar Ltd., TTG has concentrated on licensing of technologies in the security printing field. Technology Transfer Group is an agent for sales and management of international technology transfers. Technology transfers are sometimes achieved through the sale of a turn key technology and/or production facilities, including training and education of employees, and the rights to use proprietary technology. TTG is active internationally with projects from Indonesia, China, India, North America, and Europe.

TTG's activities focus on the fast growing technology of holography, optically variable imaging devices and various other techniques such as fluorescence, thermo chrominance, and even DNA. These are used in security, ticketing, verification labeling, and promotional market fields. Recent developments merging the world's best taggants and inks into digital printing systems creates a unique and low-cost opportunity to bring security into the track and trace system for manufactured goods of all kinds, particularly important in the pharmaceutical industry.

An integrated Track-and-Trace solution, using DNA Matrix™ made readable by SmartDye® and scanned with special bar code readers, is now here. The PhotoSecure solution uses forensic covert DNA marks in combination with overt, transparent, customer legible marks, producing a reliable and inexpensive solution to counterfeiting. Track-and-Trace is going to be every organizations response.

Mr. Smith, also President of Technology Transfer Group, mentioned key points in his speech at the Brand Protection Conference in February 2008. In the supply chain tracking model, Enterprise IT Integration is used to protect the brand, the manufacturers, distributors, and consumers. Various technologies are integrated including; printed forensic DNA marks on brand products, scanners at each point in the distribution chain, and minimal change to internal processes. Click here for more information on Brand Protection as Part of Supply Chain Management.

Click here to read more about the Integrated Track and Trace IT Concept to Combat Product Counterfeiting, Pirating, and Diversion. Topics include Background, Opportunity, Market Facts, Solving Brand Owners Problems, Track-and-Trace, Authenticators and Code Readers, and more.


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