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Complete Your Supply Chain Management System With Printed Forensic Unique Marks

Enfield, New Hampshire - January 30, 2009

Integrated Printed Security marks with an item by item, DNA forensic taggant, machine readable code - provides the ability to integrate track and trace systems into the enterprise computer - identifying fraud from counterfeits to diversions and against theft or piracy.

Wendell Smith, President of Photosecure DNA Technologies, presented this speech and slide show at The Information Management Institute's 5th Annual Security Printing Conference.

The Conference addressed the challenges and opportunities in dealing with security issues and enabling brand protection for products and production of secure documents for a wide variety of applications including business documents, ID's, currency, gaming/event tickets, travel documents, and more.

Industry experts addressed digital printing technologies' capabilities and shortcomings relative to printing secure output and the technology options available to enhance the production of secure documents and devices of all types.

See: Brand Protection as Part of Supply Chain Management presentation here.

Click here to read more about the Integrated Track and Trace IT Concept to Combat Product Counterfeiting, Pirating, and Diversion. Topics include Background, Opportunity, Market Facts, Solving Brand Owners Problems, Track-and-Trace, Authenticators and Code Readers, and more.

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