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DNA Technologies’ Assets Acquired by Polestar Ltd.

May 31, 2010
Boston, MA

Polestar Ltd. of Bermuda, announced today it had completed the purchase of assets of DNA Technologies of Halifax, Canada. The acquisition was first announced in March, 2010, and during the subsequent period, business and laboratory operations were consolidated in the Halifax location.

DNA Technologies was founded in 1993 by inventor, Charles L. Butland in Los Angeles, California. The company was first conceived as an art authentication system for inaugural customer, Joe Barbera, of Hanna-Barbera fame, and was initially named Art Guard International. The patented technology uses DNA-laced inks, dyes and resins to tag and protect valuable products, brands, intellectual property and important documents. The key product is the DNA Matrix™, a high security, anti-counterfeiting mark, that cannot be reverse engineered or duplicated. The simple, yet complex product authentication solution can be applied to virtually any tangible surface, providing highly secure but cost-effective security.

"The joint marketing of DNA security markers and PhotoSecure SmartDyes™ has proven both effective and opportune, given the rise in variable data coding and digital print applications," said Wendell Smith, Founder and President of Polestar Ltd. "We have produced one of the finest examples of security printing technologies available today".

Smith, who was fresh off customer and key vendor trips in both China and California, was bullish on the new company, saying, "The long histories of client successes, and credentials in anti-counterfeiting and anti-diversion applications are something to build on, as we look to expand the into the global market for brand security and authentication. The Company will continue to offer license agreements to Authenticators, Manufacturers, Brand Owners and Licensors worldwide who share our concern with the production and sale of counterfeit merchandise."

About DNA Technologies
DNA Technologies' has been engaged in the production and distribution of anti-counterfeiting marking materials and other products related to the security and product authentication industries. Our complete anti-counterfeiting and brand protection solution has been deployed for over 15 years, with great success, by the Sydney 2000 Olympic Committee, the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games, the NHL, MLB, NFL and the NY Yankees. The technology is currently being used by Thomas Kinkade ("Painter of Light"), Avery Dennison Retail Information Services, BRL Hardy's Wines, PSA/ DNA (Collector's Universe) and Shanghai Tobacco Company's Panda brand of cigarettes.

About Polestar Ltd.
Polestar Ltd. is a Bermuda based international investment and advisory firm that works with a number of companies and entrepreneurs to develop successful businesses. We are dedicated to the entrepreneurial spirit and have most often been involved in start up business ventures in the fields of Graphic Arts, Fine Arts, Internet Services, and Publishing, particularly if it has to do with international activity. We place seed capital and work with investors and managers of such companies by networking to find capital, ideas and connections to bring the services and products of new ventures to successful fruition.

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