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DNA and Optical Taggants in Ink Jet Printing

Connecticut Technology Group
Slide Show - July 2005

Wendell M. Smith, Technology Transfer Group

The CTC 's most recent Wiggin and Dana Innovation@Work forum was held on July 27, 2005 at Pitney Bowes' world headquarters in Stamford.

Innovation@Work is a CQIA Award-winning CTC program designed to facilitate collaboration opportunities between the State's leading technology companies and selected program participants. These programs offer to a select group of the most exciting firms the chance to meet with the leadership of the very largest and most dynamic advanced technology companies headquartered in the State. This is in the format of formal presentations made to senior staff of the host companies. Participants have an intimate opportunity to present their technology and product concepts and to also network informally with those very same host company executives.

In addition to our main presenters of technology, also speaking were William Perrone and Paul Hughes, both Partners of Wiggin and Dana, LLP; Leon Pintsov, Fellow Pitney Bowes and James Euchner, Vice President of Advanced Concepts and Technology and Chief e-Commerce Officer at Pitney Bowes; Jennifer Smith Turner, Deputy Commissioner of CT Dept. of Economic and Community Development; and Guy Hatch, COO of Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology.

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