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Recent Developments in Security Printing

Print Expo '98, India

Wendell M. Smith, Technology Transfer Group


Growth of Security Printing

  • Security printing is one of the fastest growing specialty fields
  • Information technology is a surprising reason for some of this growth


Purposes for secure documents:

  • Control Access
  • Authentication
  • Anti-Counterfeiting
  • Information Technology


What's New Commercially

  • Fast growing printing market
  • Greater need
  • Computer tracking
  • Intellectual property protection


What's New Technically

  • Computer generated holograms
  • On press embossing
  • No copy inks

Direct Holographic Application Process


Process Details

  • Major "Paradigm Shift"
      in the embossed OVD industry.
  • Direct application process
      onto the surface of the end user document
  • Reduction in time and expense
      Reduce number of processes/machines to produce
      Leads to increased through-put efficiency
      Lower scrap rate
Technology Differentiation
  • Patented Imaging Foil
  • Direct Application Process
Substrate Materials
  • Uncoated paper
  • Coated paper
  • Thermal direct and transfer paper
  • Carton or board stock
  • Security paper
  • Polyesters and laminates
  • Extruded PVC

Patented Hot Stamping Imaging Foil
Direct Application Process:
Advantage to the Manufacturer

  • The manufacturer controls the OVD production process in their plant and on their press.


Patented Imaging Foil

  • U.S. Patent No. 5,464,690
  • International Patent Application
  • Number PCT/US95/02200
  • Unique chemical composition and construction
  • Embossable on most rotary and platen presses at speeds up to 250 feet per minute


Value-Added OVD's

As a security feature:

  • Can not be photocopied
  • Difficult to replicate
  • Effective overt security feature
  • Removal/alterations are easily exposed
As a promotional feature:
  • Powerful visual appeal
  • Enhance advertising and marketing

Secure Documents


from GATF

Credit to:
  • Van Ranesse
Further Credits
  • Novavision
  • Light Impressions LTD.
  • GATF
  • Globe Ticket and Label
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