DNA Technologies Celebrates the New Year in New Headquarters

Technology Transfer News Back to News Index DNA Technologies Celebrates the New Year in New Headquarters February 25, 2016 DNA Technologies a division of Polestar Ltd, has moved its Headquarters from Halifax, NS, Canada to Ludlow Vermont, USA. The move consolidates the DNA Technologies business and Polestar Ltd. Consultancy in this location. DNA Technologies has its head office activity and a test and manufacture operation in Ludlow. The company will continue to operate research and development and product testing in Canada and in its research laboratory in Enfield NH. The company also continues to have its China office in Xi’an.

DNA Technologies’ new address is:
16 Bridge Street, Suite D, Ludlow VT, 05149, USA

DNA Technologies’ Halifax phone number will remain the same. The 888 number is no longer in service.

Telephone : USA HQ: 802 228 5565
Lab: 603 632 1220
Halifax Lab: 902 496 5855 (Same number as before move.)

DNA Technologies continues to provide excellent service and support to our Customers and our Partners in our long term commitment to the finest security printing technology with assured customer satisfaction.

DNA Technologies was founded by Charles Butland in 1993. He was developing better finger printing techniques when he patented our still very fresh DNA Matrix tm. The current product also utilizes SmartDye tm as developed by Dr Gil Jones of Boston University for protection against counterfeiting and product diversion. Our technology uses DNA-laced inks, dyes and resins to tag and protect valuable products, brands, intellectual property and important documents. Since 1993 our customers have Authenticated hundreds of millions of art and collectible objects, designer clothing, and packaged goods in the US and in China.

The simple, yet complex product authentication solution can be applied to virtually any tangible surface, providing highly secure, but cost-effective marking.

Wendell Smith • Mike Hayes • Gil Jones • Hank Li • Karen Wilson

DNA Technologies, a division of Polestar Ltd

Contact: email: wms@polestarltd.com
Web sites: polestarltd.com, dnatechnologies.com