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International Consulting and Investment Company

Investment and Consulting Activity

Technology Transfer Group is an agent for sales and management of international technology transfers. Technology transfers are sometimes achieved through the sale of a turn key technology and/or production facilities, including training and education of employees, and the rights to use proprietary technology. We are active internationally with projects from Indonesia, China, India, North America, and Europe.

Our activities focus on the fast growing technology of holography, optically variable imaging devices and various other techniques such as fluorescence, thermo chrominance, and even DNA. These are used in security, ticketing, verification labeling, and promotional market fields. Recent developments merging the world’s best taggants and inks into digital printing systems creates a unique and low-cost opportunity to bring security into the track and trace system for manufactured goods of all kinds, particularly important in the pharmaceutical industry.

Start Up Companies

Baldwin Japan Ltd.
Printing controls – Tokyo, Japan 1968
Baldwin Gegenheimer Gmbh
Printing Controls- Augsburg, Germany 1 972
Polestar Ltd.
Consulting/Investment- Stamford, CT. 1980, Bermuda 1987
London Sculpture Center
Sculpture sales- London, England 1991
Technology Transfer Group
Licensing and Joint Ventures- Smith’s, Bermuda 1996
SecuraPrint Ltd.
High Wycombe, England, 1998

Minor Investment Positions

Cognitoy LLC.
Computer games- Acton, Mass. 1997
ChatBroker Intl.
Internet Service software- Stamford, CT. 1998
Impress Systems Inc.
Digital Foil Printers- Billerica, Mass. 2000

Major Controlling Investments

Totel Systems Inc.
Telephone Computer controls- Stratford CT. 1980
Baldwin Technology Co Inc.
Printing Press Controls- Stamford, CT. 1985
Burleighfield Arts Ltd.
Art Foundry- Loudwater, England 1989
Susse Fondeur SARL
Paris, France 1995

Consulting Activity

Berkey Technical
Prepress Printing Equipment
Baldwin Technology
Printing Controls
Totel Energy Systems
Clean Energy
Reeves Communications
Television Production
Imprima Inc.
Printing Management
Dartmouth Printing Company
Web Offset Printers
Winslow Partners
Investors in Eastern Europe