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PhotoSecure DNA Technology President Wendell Smith Speaking at Brand Protection Conference 08.

Click here to see the slides or download a PDF document:
Brand Protection as part of Supply Chain Management

January 23, 2008 – The Graphics of the Americas has invited Wendell Smith, President of Photosecure DNA Technologies, to be a speaker at their Brand Protection Conference 08.

The conference, located at the Miami Beach Convention Center, will be held February 28th through March 1st, 2008.

Brand Protection Conference 08 attendees will learn about the latest technologies and techniques to protect packages from counterfeiting, including a hands-on case study. Attendees will hear a keynote discussion from the leading consumer packaging company in the world. This will be followed by discussions on security printing techniques, security inks, DNA, near IR dye targets, holograms, RFID, design, machine vision, and more …

Topics include:

  • Converting Packaging Substrates to Security End Products: Overt/Covert/Forensic Security Printing Techniques and Packaging Design Options
  • Security Printing Inks – Overt/Covert and Forensic Counterfeit Deterrents
  • Holograms: Security Packaging and Design
  • Knock offs, Counterfeits and Deterrents
  • Profiling the Counterfeiter: The Brand Selection Process and Selection Criteria Used for Knock offs
  • Serialization, Authentication, Verification, Codes and Digital Solutions
  • Security Packaging – Designs and Knock off Deterrents
  • Qualifying Suppliers and Buyers – Protocols, Standards, Certification and Risks Management
  • Strategies and Alliances for Combating Fraud
  • Security Assurance Requirements for Brand Protection
  • Designing the Security Elements into the Printed Materials About and With the Product
  • A Revolutionary Change in RFID Smart Label/Ticket Converting

Click here to see the slides or download a PDF document:
Brand Protection as part of Supply Chain Management

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