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Announcing the formation of PhotoSecure DNA Technologies

August 6 , 2007 – Following the news of May 25, 2007; “Technology Transfer Group a division of Polestar Ltd. has acquired the assets of PhotoSecure Inc.”, we are now proud to announce the formation of PhotoSecue DNA Technologies LLC..

PSD, as we call the new Company, will build on the excellent technology base of the fluorescent dyes developed by Dr. Guilford Jones of Boston University and the product development with cross-licensee DNA Technologies of Halifax Canada.

Wendell Smith, long term consultant with Technology Transfer Group (TTG) is the President of PSD and the company has opened its office in Boston – see address below. Dr. Jones is the Chief Technology Officer. Sales and Marketing continues to be operated jointly with DNA Tech and Mike Hayes as President. We will be adding sales management personnel soon. Previous Managers for PhotoSecure are consulting with PSD.

PhotoSecure DNA Technologies mission is to make and support the best inks and taggants and readers for the security industry. We will test various ink and substrate situations with all of the printing ink technologies as appropriate to the specific case in point. And we will integrate our patented technologies along with other layers of security technology with authenticators and readers tuned to very special dye and taggant technologies.

Recent developments include truly covert forensic taggants, digital printing technology, and on line and hand held code readers that verify the existence of the taggants and dyes and decode the information in the invisible marks.

Recent orders for SmartDye™ and DNA Matrix™ taggants sold by GenuOne a division of Opsec -the trace and track computer systems provider –, have proven that the combination of forensic taggants along with invisible machine readable unique code marks provides the most complete Brand Authentication system. These trace and track systems are particularly effective and inexpensive – when integrated into the trace and track software of the enterprise.

WMS Aug 6, 2007
More information: email;, 203 – 550 – 7278
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PhotoSec DNA Technologies LLC
470 Atlantic Avenue
4th Floor
Boston, MA 02210