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Polestar Ltd. Announces a new Balanced Backpack Patent
and the Selection of Technology Transfer Group to License it Worldwide

January 25, 2003 – Balanced Backpack patent # 6,488,189 issued to Wendell M. Smith solves the problem of one-shoulder loads and the attendant back problems that can develop from such activity.

This new patent opens the door to a new way to carry not only back packs, but any brief case, sports bag or handbag in a convenient easy to shift center-of-back position.

Now when changing from walking for a short time with a carry bag in one hand or one shoulder and continuing far too long in that unbalanced way, one can shift to a center-of-back position, without removing the bag. Normal two shoulder bags are awkward to place with a stretch of two arms through “sticky” straps to get the load properly centered on the back. Instead, with a simple movement of the built in second strap shoulder piece, the bag is placed well in the center of the back.

School children carrying heavy book loads in sports bags or even in backpacks tend to put the load on one shoulder first and may not ever balance it.

This has been noted on several recent studies; the American Chiropractors, the Orthopaedic society and Nike company literature. All have recently noted the serious problem with back trouble from early age unbalanced loads.

This invention has now been patented after many tests and experiments. The patent also covers a design that allows wheels be imbedded into the bag design and to have a platform for extra load sharing as well as the balancing concept.

Technology Transfer Group will handle the licensing discussions. They have been in licensing of patents and technical matters since 1995.