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International Consulting and Investment Company

The PhotoSecure Solution

Photonic dye and scanner technology shields your brand from counterfeiting and gray market distribution:

  • Counterfeit-proof markings in customized photoluminescent inks tag your products. If a mark isn’t found and validated by one of our specialized scanning devices, it’s not your product.
  • Validation of marks can only be done by a PhotoSecure scanner. Handheld scanners go right into stores to interrogate marks and verify that they’re genuine.
  • The marks can be hidden. The PhotoSecure inks can be transparent or can be disguised amid other printing on the product or package. Criminals who divert your product into unauthorized channels won’t be able to see (or remove) them, either.
  • Encoded data content using UPC barcodes (or other systems) can be part of the mark. This batch, serial number, or other information can also be invisible.
  • Data capture and analysis Scanning also records the mark’s coded information. This can be sent via the Internet for decoding and analysis.
  • Online reporting of analysis results is available “for your eyes only” on a confidential website. It’s a complete system for protecting your brand.